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BELCANTO Deconstruction – Workshop from 6 to 10 april


Late 19th- and 20th-century sources “would lead us to believe that bel canto was restricted to beauty and evenness of tone, legato phrasing, and skill in executing highly florid passages, but contemporary documents describe a multifaceted manner of performance far beyond these confines The great lyrical singer and specialist Raúl Giménez together with the talented and also specialist Marina Viotti will work on the style and vocal technique in detail deconstructing selected fragments of pieces from the Belcantista repertoire.

Together with them the renowned Osteopath Yves Castaing will accompany this “Belcanto deconstruction” to better define a way of singing instead of a word used to evoke a lost singing tradition

Anna Crexells will be in charge of the piano.

The workshop will have two modalities, one face-to-face and one remote through an interactive live streaming.


  • On site modality will take place in the city of Barcelona, at the CONCERTANTE BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC ACADEMY from Thursday 6 to Monday 10 April from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The first part of the morning will be divided into a work of vocal technique from 10 to 12.30 After a lunch break from 13.30 to 16.00 the arias and ensembles selected from the Belcantista repertoire will be worked. In addition to the workshop modality, there will be a lecture given by the renowned osteopath Yves Castaing who will speak on vocal health.
  • The live streaming modality will have a daily meeting on the days of the workshop of 3 hours (13 to 16 hours of Barcelona) where the selected arias and ensembles will be worked. If there is an agreement they will do it in a room with a live pianist with the intervention of the teachers at a distance (+) When there is no group room they will have the possibility to make consultations the last 30 minutes of each day in real time and participate in the question and answer panel. Participants will have the opportunity to work with Raúl Giménez and Marina Viotti virtually as a complement to the workshop(#).

How much?

Tuition = 50 Euros

Fee on site modality = 450 euros (Tuition included)*. **

(+) Fee Remote Modality = 150 Euros (Tuition Included)

In-site non active participans and remote non active participans modality = 45 euros (+ Taxes)

| Registration for ton site modality will be through

“Concertante Barcelona International Academy of Music”

In calle del rosari number fifty in Barcelona. 08017

Our telephone number is 93 417 22 23 you will find us at|