We can affirm that the orchestra is an instrument and the orchestra conductor is the musician who plays it. But teamwork is critical “to have the instrument fine-tuned”.


The instrumental practice can be an excessively individual activity. Therefore in Concertante we promote our students to participate in the orchestra. It is not only important as a complement to the study of the individual instrument, but also helps in the development of other skills. It’s time to share, to learn to listen, to work all together… besides being a fun activity that strengths links between students.


Being aware of the importance of teamwork, we ensure that all students can participate regardless of their level. Therefore we adapt the repertoire to make it accessible to any student, even those who are in their first year.


Concertante has 3 orchestras:

  • Petita Orquestra Concertante (ages 7-11 years)
  • Jove Orquestra Concertante (ages 12-17 years)
  • Orquestra Barcelona Concertante (professional orchestra)


Rehearsals of Petita and Jove orchestras are done once a month on weekends. And there are several concerts throughout the year. It is also an open activity to external people to the academy.