Rousseau said in his treatise on education written in 1762:

It is easy to see how, having no hurry in teaching to read the writing, I will not be hurried in teaching to read the music (….) Knowledge of notes is not as necessary to sing as it is not necessary the knowledge of letters to speak.”


At Concertante we are committed to an active teaching method that encourages students to make music before learning theory. That is why our mantra is Tocar aprendiendo, aprender tocando – Play learning, learn playing. And also why our students learn the theoretical components directly with the instrument, in a natural way.

For centuries, music education has been identified with the study of instrumental technique. It has been and still is quite common to leave the practice of the instrument to a second phase, as if the instrument were an aim, an object of desire difficult to reach. At Concertante we believe that an instrument should be just that, an “instrument” at the disposal of music.